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S.O.S. (CD)

S.O.S. (CD)

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"Making your first album a rock opera is a ballsy move."

This is the physical copy of the album "S.O.S." in CD format.

Written, Produced, and Mixed by Anndy, this album is a high octane ride through a dystopian nightmare.

Follow young Jayke Walker as he is plucked form the Underclass and thrust into fame's limelight. A world filled with drugs and corruption that wants to destroy him.

This four panel digi-pack is printed on high quality stock and includes the CD, custom artwork, and the names of all the Patrons who helped make the physical release possible.

S.O.S. is an 11 track album that contains the entire 25 minute piece of music broken up into 10 songs (chapters), as well as an  additional track which plays the uncut version of the work in its entirety.

The physical release is currently limited and all copies purchased will be signed by Anndy.


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